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  • Companies will be addressed as “Consumer Caring Companies” if they attain a passing score from both the scheme’s scorecard and the consumer survey. They will be entitled to use the “Consumer Caring” logo within marketing materials of the acknowledged product(s)

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Judging criteria

Participating companies will be assessed through site visits by GS1 designated representative and consumer surveys conducted by Lightspeed GMI. At the same time, the assessment will also be made in accordance with Efficient Consumer Response (ECR), referred to as ECR. A total of more than 140 local businesses have been recognised as Consumer Caring Companies with products covering retail, food, health supplement and personal care etc. The “Consumer Caring Companies” honor will enhance consumers’ confidence in the recognised company’s product and quality.

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Application procedures
  • Apr 10, 2017 - Open for Application
  • Aug 31, 2017 - Deadline of Application
  • Sep-Oct, 2017 - Assessment
  • Dec, 2017 - Result Announcement

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The sharing from awarded companies

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2016 Endorsed companies

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