To overcome the limitation of private sector, KTNET has initiated and joined Private-Public Partnership Programs with major trading countries

Korea-Japan meeting for paperless trade (2002 ~ 2004)

• Regular participants: MOTIE(Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy) and KTNET of Korea, METI(Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry) and TEDI of Japan

ASEAL (Asia-Europe Alliance for Paperless Trade, 2004 ~)

• Founding Members: Government and paperless service providers of Korea, England, France and German Korea-China Private-Public Partnership Meeting for PaperlessTrade (2006 ~)

• Regular participants: MKE, KITA and KTNET from Korea, MOFCOM(Ministry of

Commerce) and CIECC from China

Korea-Chinese Taipei Private-Public Partnership Meeting for Paperless Trade (2005 ~)

• Regular Participants: MKE, Korea Chamber of Commerce and Industry and KTNET from Korea, BFT(Bureau of Foreign Trade), Customs and Trade-Van from Chinese Taipei